Some Digital Advantages...

Save Thousands Of Dollars Annually.

Digitize ANY Impression Or Plaster Model.

Archive ALL Study Models To A Hard Drive.

NO Intraoral Scanner Needed.

NO Intensive Training Needed.

100% HIPAA Compliant & Secure.

Unlocked STL HD-3D Patient Files.

Free User Friendly Viewing Software.

Searchable Back-Ups, Available 24/7.

Precision Scan & Print Technology.

Impressive 3D Patient Consultations.

We are now a FULL service Ortho Lab!

Call for an appliance price list and more info today!

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Digital Ortho Pros is Northern California's first & only all Digital Dental Lab.  Serving all areas of the dental community, we are excited to offer the latest and greatest technological advances that have become available to the orthodontic and general dentistry fields.


Here at DOP we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive digital solution that will save you time and money. Security and accuracy are very important to us, so we have teamed up with some of the top industry leaders to provide confidence and ease to our clients.  Whether you are just starting out on your digital journey and looking to simplify your work-flow, or looking for a digital lab to accommodate your digital practice, DOP’s trained staff is here to help.


With over 13 years of "analog" orthodontic lab ownership and managing a full service appliance fabrication team, DOP understands the importance of patient impression accuracy and lab precision to get it right the first time.


Whether it’s intraoral scanning, digital impression/model scanning, 3D model printing or digital archiving that you need, DOP Laboratories’ digital technology delivers reliable consistency and quality service.


Fast turnaround times and state of the art case presentation will set you apart from the rest. In as little as 24-48 hours your digital study models will be accessible and ready to view through our free user-friendly viewing solutions of your choice, Pro Viewer Easy 3D or DOP’s OrthoViewer.


DOP is here to make your digital conversion simple and stress free. We have created this website to take you step by step on how to get started, and get you familiar with the digital process. After browsing our site, please feel free to call with any questions and we will make your digital transition our priority!


Diagnostic Set-Ups


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Indirect Bonding


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With new technology that simplifies the communication process, communicating and sharing PHI or STL files to colleagues securely and in compliance can also be convenient, by enabling the transmission of larger files as required in dentistry through the same system. DOP's Easy Rx encrypted-secure doctor portal enables dentists, specialists, and labs to easily and safely share private patient information, STL Files, and is compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and PIPEDA laws.


You can design, submit and review prescriptions/STL files with full confidence across DOP & EasyRx's military-grade SSL- encrypted servers. DOP & Easyrx's HIPAA-compliant digital storage feature allows all patient and case data to be kept in one secure location, saving your practice valuable physical space and resources.


ALL prescriptions and data are backed up on a secure cloud

network and visible ONLY to the doctor and our lab, so there

is never any risk of data-breach or compromised files.


Moreover, DOP & EasyRx makes your information portable - meaning your prescriptions/STL files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time, through an easy-to-use web interface. all emails you receive from DOP, your patients will be identified by a computer generated ID number to be referenced in the portal. Per HIPAA guidelines, this ensures any specific patient info is not transmitted via email and is only accessible in the secure portal.


Go to the Download Page or give us a call (209.522.7767) to get started and set up your free secure doctor portal today.

DOP, Making HIPAA Compliance Convenient.

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Still in the stone age?

The Digital Future is Now!

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digital dental lab analysis reports, dop lab, Bolton Analysis, Moyers, Tanaka & Johnston, Over bite, over jet, ideal arch


ALL Patient Study Models A Click Away


Digital Services

Digital Introduction

Digital Models

Study Model Archiving

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If converting to digital in your practice sounds intimidating and terrifying, DO NOT worry...our pros are here to help! DOP makes the transition seamless and simple! NO equipment to purchase, NO intraoral scanner needed and NO intensive training. DOP has you covered! Between the thousands of dollars you will save and the many benefits of digital...

Our state of the art 3Shape scanners are the industry leaders in 3D scanning technology. DOP trained and partnered with advanced manufactures in the digital dental world. Ordering digital models is similar to the way you order the “traditional” plaster models. You can still choose from economy, premium and professional finishes.



DOP Laboratories makes the study model archiving process painless and cost effective. No need to stuff your attics, basements or storage sheds full of bulky/heavy study models anymore! DOP can digitze and archive ALL your sets of initial, progress, and final patient models. The back-up files are stored in a HIPAA secure "cloud" and on an external hard drive. You can also keep a USB back-up if you prefer.

3D Printing

File Viewing

Intraoral Scans

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intraoral scanner, Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios, 3Shape

With your digital STL files, we can print high precision study or work models. You have flexibility over fabrication options. We can print a select model segment—or a full set of work or study models, with or without a base. The model base style and height can also be specified.

DOP's exclusive Pro Viewer Easy 3D requires NO software OR patient files to download! Click to view straight from your browser.


DOP's Ortho Viewer Software is a user friendly free download. You have access to easy treatment planning and case analysis.

We accept intraoral scans (STL files) from Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios and more. Log into your free encrypted doctor portal to upload your files to DOP. Choose a Rx template, add patient info, order specifications, attach your STL files and submit your order. It's that easy!

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