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DOP accepts ANY impression or STL file for print.

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3d printing and digital scanning


Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios and more.

digital ortho pros can scan any impression


DOP, making 3D printing easy.

3 easy steps for all your printing needs.

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Log into your free doctor portal to order 3D printed models. Choose a Rx template, add patient info, order specifications, attach your STL files and submit your order.


3D printing gives you many options when ordering models. This is an economically friendly way to print only what you need with no waste. Refer to the pictures below to become familiar with your ordering options.

DOP will build ANY appliance needed & ship your appliance/models when your order is complete. Please note on the Rx if you need the models shipped to a specific address.



The model-building material is a non-toxic durable material that does not break easily like plaster and stone models. The accuracy of the model is outstanding and the appliance fit is better than ever!

Low Profile Study Model

3d printed models, digital ortho pros

• More economical, uses less material.


• Prepared with standard Tweed

 study model angles, but has the

 height reduced by approximately



• Printed models will rest on backs

 if base is added by DOP.


• If stone models are scanned, bases

 will be left as scanned unless

 otherwise requested.


Full Study Model

3d printed models, digital ortho pros 4

• Full size base height of your choice.


Small Printed Model

3d printed models, digital ortho pros2

• Approximately 6mm beyond the

 gingival margin.


• Horseshoe, no palate.


• Suitable for lingual arches, anterior clip aligners, spring aligners with wire extension only, Essix or invisible retainers, band & loop space retainers

and indirect bonding.

digital ortho pros

Segmental Model

3d printed models, digital ortho pros 6

• Smallest printed model option.


• Suitable for band & loop, Essix.


• Anterior clip spring aligner-occlusal

 interferences cannot be checked.


Palate and Lingual Anatomy

3d printed models, digital ortho pros 3

Standard size working model palate & lingual anatomy.


• Lower models have closed artificial base or floor added if scan did not capture anatomy.


• Mandatory for any appliance that

 requires mounting.


• All retainers, splints, functional

 appliances, and sleep appliances.

Lattice Base for Mounting

3d printed models, digital ortho pros

• A lattice base can be added to

 model bases similar to scoring

 into a plaster base to assure

 adherence when mounted.



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