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Have Precise Measurements & Specs For Each Patient.

Analysis Reports

Treatment Planning, Case Management, Progress Comparison Reports.

Leave The Measurements To Us!

DOP's analysis reports are customizable with many variations of model views & reports.

You can request an analysis report with ANY case we digitize for you.



Some Report Options...

Ideal Arch Analysis, Individual Tooth Width (mesiodistal) Measurements,

Bolton Analysis, Maxillary Space Analysis, Mandibular Space Analysis,

Moyers, Tanaka & Johnston, Overbite/Overjet.

 You Can Order Your Reports In

Word, Excel, Or PDF Format To View or Print.

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Ortho Analyzer Treatment Analysis Reports

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Detailed Diagnostic Measurements


Precise Interproximal Measuring


Palatal & Over Bite-Over Jet Measurements


Tooth Axis Views


Digital Occlusion Map


3 Model Color Viewing Options


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