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Does going digital have you confused and asking questions?

Our pros are ready to show you how!

Welcome to DOP Laboratories. If converting to digital in your practice sounds intimidating and terrifying, DO NOT worry...our pros are here to help! DOP makes the transition seamless and simple! NO equipment to purchase, NO intraoral scanner needed and NO intensive training. DOP has you covered! Between the thousands of dollars you will save and the many benefits of digital, DOP is here to show you how.

Digital Introduction

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If your new to the digital work flow, this page is here to explain. Lets get started!

DOP will laser scan your impressions or plaster models one by one to create precise digital 3D representations of the patient impressions. One patient set requires 3 scans; maxillary impression, mandibular impression & a bite registration. Once all 3 scans are complete, we now have a digitized patient file. This file has MANY options for treatment simulation and lab services. Upon completion, we will place the files in your secure portal/cloud and email you stating your order is complete with a link to that patients file. This file can be digitally stored FOREVER! If you should ever need the file, it will be a click away in your alphabetically organized portal.

Your New Study Model Storage Room!

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Internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked so as to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources.

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a very small, portable, solid-state hard drive that can be inserted into a USB port for storage and retrieval of data.



hard drive or hard disk drive


computing  (on a computer) the mechanism that handles the reading, writing, and storage of data on the hard disk.




digital ortho pros saves you money in dental fees
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Save Thousands of Dollars Each Year

Going Digital is Going Green!


Digital conversion offers you several advantages. One advantage is cost savings. Digital Study Models are a fraction of the cost of traditional plaster models which saves you a substantial amount of money. Another advantage of a transition into the efficient digital world of dentistry is waste reduction. This is because digital dentistry is paperless and environmentally friendly.

Go Digital. Go Green. DOP gets it done.

DOP takes pride in our training and partnership with the industry’s leader in scan technology: 3Shape.  For many years, 3Shape scanners have proven to be pioneers in 3D-HD (High Definition) dental scanning and the software development industry. 3Shape scanners continually produce ultimate HD scans and leading edge software that is more advanced and powerful than any other competitor on the market. DOP is proud to pass this unmatched quality and precision on to our clients in the dental community. DOP does not lock you into using costly labs and services. Instead, the unlocked STL file format gives you full control of your patient files for easy treatment analysis, planning, case management, archiving and retrieval. We also accept intraoral scans (STL files) from Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios and more. DOP gets it done.

Premium Precision Scanning


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No need to worry about lost or broken plaster models! Stop searching through boxes to find the patient file! Stop paying for bulky and inconvenient storage! Stop spending too much for traditional study models! Once all your patient files are digitized into HD STL files, files are literally accessible, ANYTIME - ANYWHERE - WORLDWIDE by logging in and doing a simple search on your computer.


DOP's Pro Viewer Easy 3D allows you to view, pan and rotate your 3D models from your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser...NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED!

For cases in which you may need measurements, analysis, treatment planning etc., use our Free Ortho Viewer Software.


Going digital gives you a number of choices for virtual and physical storage. DOP is here to walk you through some of your options. We strongly recommend backing up your patient files in a minimum of three different locations (i.e. one virtual back up and two physical backups stored at strategic geographical locations).

Note *DOP will keep a backup of ALL your files indefinitely.


Option #1: With cloud storage, we archive ALL of your patient files indefinitely with our secured encrypted cloud storage company (i.e. Rack Space, Back Blaze & Amazon). These companies offer HIPAA compliant servers that are very secure and backed up all around the world. This service is included in all of our services!


Option #2: USB jump drives. USB drives have built-in firewall protection and can literally fit tens of thousands of patient models/files on one drive. This means you are able to easily store away models/files in multiple safe locations.


Option #3: External hard drives. These hard drives also have built in firewall protection and are capable of holding years of patient files on one drive. Their compact design makes it easy to store away for safe keeping.


You now have the options of keeping patient data indefinitely OR beginning the process of discarding patient data when you have fulfilled your legal obligations. Get rid of your physical storage full of plaster models and convert them over to digital today.


Note *You can easily "upgrade" a digital file back into a physical 3D printed model or plaster study models at anytime, 1 OR 20 years from now.

DOP gets it done.


Need To Back Up/Digitize & Archive Your "Collection" Of Plaster Study Models?

​Click HERE for full details.


Archive - Retrieval - Security

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Security is our #1 Priority!


digital ortho pros makes it easy

Free User Friendly Viewing Options


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DOP's exclusive Pro Viewer Easy 3D requires NO software OR patient files to download! Simply sign onto the internet using Google Chrome or Firefox and log in to your secure portal in the yop right corner of Click on the patient file you wish to view and check the box to view in full screen Easy 3D. From there, you are able to view, rotate, and pan the 3D models. Click on the "view" tab to find many viewing options. You can also click "reset" to bring your models safely to the default forward facing's that easy. DOP's Pro Viewer provides you a quicker and smarter way to view your 3D models with no software or download!


DOP's Ortho Viewer Software is a free user-friendly download. You have access to easy treatment planning and case analysis. This interactive software allows you to view tooth, arch and various diagnostic measurements of the digital models. You can open up the patient’s HD-3D models and view both upper and lower together in occlusion or a separate top view of the occlusal surfaces. Other software features include: full 3D rotation, zooming and panning. Specific data about the model, patient data etc. are displayed on the screen as well. You also have the option to capture and print any view using windows screen snapshot printing function. If you should have a patient or parent with questions or unsure about treatment, this 3D experience is sure to be specific and impressive. DOP gets it done.

Faster Turnaround Times


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DOP's digital infrastructure allows us to expedite both the creation and delivery of your digital study models. Rush cases can now be executed in a matter of hours; not 4 to 5 days that the traditional plaster study model requires. DOP's digital service is more accurate, efficient and frees up valuable time that can be spent on other areas of your practice. DOP gets it done.
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