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Send your impressions to DOP like normal & we'll do the rest.

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Alginate or PVS


DOP can digitize ANY model or impression with our 3shape scanners.

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DOP, making models easy.

3 easy steps to digitize your models or impressions.

Submit Cases to DOP


Submit patient impressions just as you normally do.

Don't change a thing...wrap your patient impressions in a damp (not soaking wet) paper towel & place them in a zip lock bag, provide a bite registration of your preference, attach a lab slip and ship it off to DOP.

For PVS impressions, bag and label the impressions,  provide a bite registration of your preference, attach a lab slip, ship to DOP.

For Free Local Pick-ups call 209.Lab.Pros (522.7767)


DOP has a variety of shipping options to fit your needs. We offer priority and overnight shipping depending on case volume. Give us a call to get some details and we will get you started today. 209.Lab.Pros (522.7767)

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Free Pick-Up.

Priority & Overnight Shipping.

Scan & File Manipulation

DOP will scan your impressions or plaster models to create precise HD-3D representations of the patient file. Once digitized, we will clean up any imperfections and manipulate the file per your prescription.


We also accept STL Files via our secure data transfer station. We can work with scans from any intraoral scanner; iTero, Lythos, True Definition, Trios, and more. Call to get your account set up and get full details on how we transfer your data safely and easily to DOP.

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Digital Access

When you order is complete, you will receive an email from DOP notifying you that your 3D files are ready to view and your order is complete. Click on the link provided in the email, this will take you to the log in screen where you sign in with your username and password to access & view files.


Note *DOP will keep a backup of ALL your files indefinitely. all emails you receive from DOP, your patients will be identified by a computer generated ID number to be referenced in the portal. Per HIPAA guidelines, this ensures any specific patient info is not transmitted via email and is only accessible in the secure portal.

Call 209.Lab.Pros for any questions.

DOP, making 3D viewing easy.

NO Downloading...View Files Directly On The Web.

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Pro Viewer Easy 3D

DOP's Pro Viewer Easy 3D allows you to view your 3D files for free. NO Software OR File Download Needed. Simply sign on using Google Chrome web browser, log into your account, click to open the patient file and view, rotate, and pan. That's it!


Click here for more info.

Compatible with Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers ONLY.

DOP, making 3D diagnostics easy.

Treatment Planning, Analysis, Case Management.

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Ortho Viewer

DOP's Ortho Viewer is also a free user- friendly software that provides you with more interactive tools and power within your files.

Various model views that allow tooth, arch and other diagnostic measurements with full 3D rotation, zooming and panning. Capture and print any view using windows screen snapshot function.


Click here for more info.

DOP, making study models simple.

Economy, Premium, Professional Finishes.

Selecting Model Service

Your options for study model service and finishes are similar to ordering traditional plaster models. Choose from economy, premium and professional finishes.


Click here to get started.



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DOP, making storage easy.

Cloud Back-up, Usb Drive, External Hard Drive.

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Secure Storage

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We strongly recommend backing up your patient files in 3 different locations at a minimum. One virtual back-up (cloud storage) and two physical back-ups (external hard drive & USB jump drives) stored at strategic geographical locations.


Click here for more info.

DOP, makes archiving efficient & easy.

Unlocked Files, HIPAA Secure Searchable Back-ups.

Patient File Retrieval

    STOP digging through storage!


Once all your patient files are digitized into HD STL files, files are literally accessible, ANYTIME - ANYWHERE - WORLDWIDE by logging in and doing a simple search on your computer.

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