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digital study models
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If converting to digital in your practice sounds intimidating and terrifying, DO NOT worry...our pros are here to help! DOP makes the transition seamless and simple! NO equipment to purchase, NO intraoral scanner needed and NO intensive training. DOP has you covered! Between the thousands of dollars you will save and the many benefits of digital...

Our state of the art 3Shape scanners are the industry leaders in 3D scanning technology. DOP trained and partnered with advanced manufactures in the digital dental world. Ordering digital models is similar to the way you order the “traditional” plaster models. You can still choose from economy, premium and professional finishes.



DOP Laboratories makes the study model archiving process painless and cost effective. No need to stuff your attics, basements or storage sheds full of bulky/heavy study models anymore! DOP can digitze and archive ALL your sets of initial, progress, and final patient models. The back-up files are stored in a HIPAA secure "cloud" and on an external hard drive. You can also keep a USB back-up if you prefer.

3D Printing

File Viewing

Intraoral Scans

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intraoral scanner, Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios, 3Shape intraoral scanner, Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios, 3Shape
intraoral scanner, Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios, 3Shape

With your digital STL files, we can print high precision study or work models. You have flexibility over fabrication options. We can print a select model segment—or a full set of work or study models, with or without a base. The model base style and height can also be specified.

DOP's exclusive Pro Viewer Easy 3D requires NO software OR patient files to download! Click to view straight from your browser.


DOP's Ortho Viewer Software is a user friendly free download. You have access to easy treatment planning and case analysis.

We accept intraoral scans (STL files) from Itero, Lythis, True Definition, Trios and more. Log into your free encrypted doctor portal to upload your files to DOP. Choose a Rx template, add patient info, order specifications, attach your STL files and submit your order. It's that easy!

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