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File Viewing

You have access to easy treatment planning and case analysis. The software allows you to view tooth, arch and various diagnostic measurements of the digital models. You can open up the patient’s HD-3D models and view both upper and lower together in occlusion or a separate top view of the occlusal surfaces. Other software features include: full 3D rotation, zooming and panning. Specific data about the model, patient data etc. are displayed on the screen as well. You also have the option to capture and print any view using the convenient screen snapshot printing function. If you should have a patient or parent with questions or unsure about treatment, this 3D experience is sure to be specific and impressive.

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DOP's Ortho Viewer Software is a user friendly free download.

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Free Download

DOP-3Shape Ortho Viewer


DOP's exclusive Pro Viewer Easy 3D requires NO software OR patient files to download!

Simply sign onto the internet using Google Chrome and log on to your secure DOP account. Click on the patient file to open it in full screen Easy 3D. From there, you are able to left click to rotate and right click to pan the 3D models. Click "view" to quickly find a desired position. Click "reset" to bring your models safely to the default forward facing's that easy. DOP's Pro Viewer provides you a quicker and smarter way to view and archive your records!

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