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Security File Protection

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Have full confidence with DOP & EasyRx's military-grade SSL- encrypted servers!

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DOP, making security priority #1.

Learn how to archive your records safely, efficiently & legally.

Going digital gives you a number of choices for virtual and physical storage. DOP is here to walk you through some of your options. We strongly recommend backing up your patient files in a minimum of three different locations (i.e. one virtual back up and two physical backups stored at strategic geographical locations).

Note *DOP will keep a backup of ALL your files indefinitely.


Option #1: With cloud storage, we archive ALL of your patient files indefinitely with our secured encrypted cloud storage company (i.e. Rack Space, Back Blaze & Amazon). These companies offer HIPAA compliant servers that are very secure and backed up all around the world. This service is included in all of our services!


Option #2: USB jump drives. USB drives have built-in firewall protection and can literally fit tens of thousands of patient models/files on one drive. This means you are able to easily store away models/files in multiple safe locations.


Option #3: External hard drives. These hard drives also have built in firewall protection and are capable of holding years of patient files on one drive. Their compact design makes it easy to store away for safe keeping.


Note...Included in our services, we provide an archive of ALL patient files uploaded to our HIPAA secure

cloud/portal and our in office hard drives. We keep these files indefinitely.


DOP STRONGLY RECOMMENDS...For additional protection, we recommend your office performs an in office backup...just as you normally would with your practice management software. This is a very simple step that can be done at the end of each day or weekly at your discretion. We recommend backing up ALL digital patient files to an

external hard drive and a USB jump drive to be kept at strategic geographical locations. This step can

ensure that all files are accessible in the event of a fire, flood or any natural disaster that may occur.

Its better to be safe than sorry!

This may be a helpful link below to see the best rated external hard drives of 2014

Below are some links containing ALL the details

about RackSpace (cloud service provider). Take some time to read through their site to see why EasyRx & DOP trusts OUR files & YOURS with this industry leader in cloud storage services.

DOP's Privacy Policy

Digital Ortho Pros Privacy Policy, Digital Dental Lab, Digital Orthodontic Dental Lab, Digital Ortho Lab Digital Ortho Pros Privacy Policy, Digital Dental Lab, Digital Orthodontic Dental Lab, Digital Ortho Lab

HIPAA Privacy Compliance.

A business associate agreement is not required by the Privacy Rule for dental laboratory services that are customarily provided by our lab pursuant to your prescriptions. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services drafted the Privacy Rule so that it would not interfere with the sharing of information among health care providers for the treatment of patients.1 The Privacy Rule classifies dentists and the dental laboratories that fulfill dentists’ work orders for prosthetics as health care providers.2 Disclosures between you and the dental laboratory for the treatment activities that the lab provides are explicitly excepted from the business associate requirements of the Privacy Rule.3


You will be interested to know that, “the Office of Civil Rights, the Health and Human Services agency charged with HIPAA Privacy Rule enforcement provisions, said OCR agrees ...that dental laboratories are health care providers, so no Business Associate Agreement is required to share protected health information for treatment purposes” (ADA News, “ADA, NADL, OCR agree on status of l” May 5, 2003, Page 6). Even so, the lab does not receive patients’ telephone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, medical records or data directly identifying individuals’ relatives, employers or household members (“Protected Health Information”). Names that clients provide are only used by the lab to help clients identify their cases and you can use an in-office coding system to identify cases if you wish such as an easyrx identification number unique to that case.  You will be happy to know that we have gone one step further in protecting your data by utilizing easyrx and its storage and encryption features for all patient data.


Examples of transactions that are covered by the HIPAA regulations can be found in the ADA News (see the March 17, 2003 issue, “Final HIPAA electronic health care transaction standards announced,” Page 15). Additionally, you can call the ADA’s HIPAA Hotline at 312-440-2899, ext.3, for a recorded message explaining that dental laboratories are not business associates and what transactions are covered. Although a business associate agreement is not required between you and the lab, we remain committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients, and you can rest assured that no privileged doctor-patient confidential information will ever be disclosed without your authorization.


We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the treatment of your patients. Thank you for using Digital Ortho Pros Lab services!


1 See 67 Federal Register 53252

2 See 65 Federal Register 82568

3 See Privacy Rule 164.502 (e)(1)



There is an increasing awareness of privacy issues when sharing patient records between specialists, dentists, and labs.  Multiple regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, and their Canadian equivalent PIPEDA, as well as professional dental bodies, have established very specific guidelines for the handling of patient information. Although the concept of keeping patient information private is not new, the amount of information being transmitted electronically from one office to another is at an all- time high. Electronic transmission of patient information, while clearly valuable, creates multiple opportunities for the potential loss of that data. But keeping your practice compliant does NOT have to be innovations, developed in response to these challenges make compliance more convenient than traditional methods of sharing information.

Dental office compliance can be convenient.

Why compliance is important.

Doctor-patient confidentiality is at the heart of the trusted relationship. It is doubtful that any practitioner would need to be convinced to keep these relationships private and all patient information tightly held. As electronic transmission has replaced traditional methods of information transfer, new regulations have set standards for electronic information security that extend doctor-patient confidentiality into the electronic world.

Email is NOT compliant.

A significant and recurring violation occurs through the transmission of Protected Health Information (PHI) via email. Almost without exception, Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail are not compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, or PIPEDA regulations. Further, online storage sites such as Dropbox or Skydrive are no better since they do not comply with HIPAA standards.


Why are they not compliant? Even if your computer is secure, your message passes through dozens of unknown servers en route to its destination, with these “middle-man” servers making up the backbone of the Internet and email systems. Apart from there being a security issue, privacy legislation also requires the ability to audit systems for a detailed log of who was able to view PHI, complete with times and dates.

Email is NOT convenient.

Besides a lack of security, email systems do not typically meet the needs of the dental practice to transmit files between practices, or between a practice and lab. High-resolution digital images, 3-D STL imagery, and DICOM studies are difficult or impossible to send because most email servers limit attachment sizes to 15MB to 20MB. This means dental professionals and labs may need to send or receive multiple emails per patient file, if they can be sent at all. While systems that enable large-file storage such as Dropbox provide an alternative for transmitting large files, these files are stored unsecurely in an unorganized manner. That is, there is usually little referential information included with the file, making long- term storage, retrieval, and management very difficult.

DOP, making HIPAA compliance convenient!

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With new technology that simplifies the communication process, communicating and sharing PHI or STL files to colleagues securely and in compliance can also be convenient, by enabling the transmission of larger files as required in dentistry through the same system. DOP's Easy Rx encrypted-secure doctor portal enables dentists, specialists, and labs to easily and safely share private patient information, STL Files, and is compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and PIPEDA laws.


You can design, submit and review prescriptions/STL files with full confidence across DOP & EasyRx's military-grade SSL- encrypted servers. DOP & Easyrx's HIPAA-compliant digital storage feature allows all patient and case data to be kept in one secure location, saving your practice valuable physical space and resources.


All prescriptions and data are backed up on a secure cloud network and visible ONLY to the doctor and our lab, so there is never any risk of data-breach.


Moreover, DOP & EasyRx makes your information portable - meaning your prescriptions/STL files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time, through an easy-to-use web interface. Go to the Download Page or give us a call (209.522.7767) to get started and set up your free secure doctor portal today.


More security info and links will be added

as they become available and relevant.

Please check back periodically.

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cloud computing


Internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked so as to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources.

flash drive


a very small, portable, solid-state hard drive that can be inserted into a USB port for storage and retrieval of data.


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hard drive or hard disk drive


computing  (on a computer) the mechanism that handles the reading, writing, and storage of data on the hard disk.





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